The right stuff comes in black too
Dr Thomas Mensah speaking about his book

Dr Mensah launches ‘The Right Stuff Comes in Black Too’

A GHANAIAN-AMERICAN fibre optics inventor, Dr Thomas Mensah, has launched his book dubbed ‘The right stuff comes in black too’ on last Thursday at the City Escape hotel in Accra.

According to him the book ‘The Right Stuff’ was a term that was used to describe U.S Astronauts and space pioneers because of their ability to work in a harsh environment requiring the nerve of steel sometimes risking their lives. In his book he describes himself the ‘Black’ who was able to survive among whites and even invent fibre optics in six months to solve a worldwide problem that had plagued the Fiber Optics and Telecommunication industry for almost 15 years keeping the cost of production extremely high because the fragile glass broke any time the speed was raised above 2 meters per second.

Dr Mensah, a Fellow of the American National Academy of Inventors and President of Georgia Aerospace (an Atlanta-based company) in an interview he said: “the book is for everyone especially the blacks not for those interested in Nanotechnology.” He believes everyone has the right stuff in them.The book is written in three languages which are English, French and Spanish.

He said, his invention has facilitated the Internet to reach many countries and continents. “Over a billion people now use the Internet in many countries accessing it through smart mobile phones, tablets, laptops and desktop personal computers due to the invention of fibre optics.”

The legend who is a recipient of several awards including Turner’s Trumpet Award for Fiber Optics Innovation, Percy Julian Award, Golden Torch Award; the highest award by NSBE, William Grimes Award and Eminent Engineers award by AIChE and a member of the AIChE 100, wrote his book to motivate all blacks found everywhere in the world that the “right stuff” can come from them too.

Dr Mensah described that in politics the right stuff can be used to describe Mr. Nelson Mandela who was imprisoned for 27 years, without losing his vision and was elected the first Black President of South Africa upon his release, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr who endured beatings and attack dogs, water hoses, while marching for civil rights and maintained the nerves of steel to secure civil rights for African Americans.

President Barack Obama, first Black President of the United States of America, who was re-elected for a second term under the incredible condition of high unemployment, Financial Crisis and Deficits. In space exploration, the right stuff can describe modern black Astronauts like Dr Mae Jemison, MD, Guy Bluford, General Charles Bolden, and Dr Robert Bobby Satcher, MD and PhD.

The launch

The Programme was hosted by The Chairman General Kwame Sefa Kayi and was chaired by Mr Philip Brobbey Chief Executive Officer of Philipbro group and Krobo Adusei Jnr Executive Chairman of Safebond Africa Ltd.

The forward of the book was read by Dr Sam Mensah Executive Chairman of SEM Capital Management Limited

The first six copies of the book were bought by Mr Philip Brobbey for Gh¢25,000 each. The book was delivered via a drone.

According to the Author, the book will serve as a source of inspiration to all blacks to believe in themselves no matter where they find themselves.

He urged the youth to find interest in Science Technology, Engineering and Mathematics since it is the backbone for national development.