Toshiba to Curb Influx Of Fake Products

TOSHIBA, MANUFACTURERS of technological equipment has hinted that they would soon clamp down on miscreants who spread fake products, especially in the African sub-region.

The manufacturing company further disclosed that they would also organise a road show for their customers to help them differentiate their products from the fake ones in the market.

Briefing the press in Accra on Tuesday to introduce their ‘Go Africa’ project, Mr Santosh Varghese, General Manager, Toshiba, Gulf, urged customers in Africa to purchase their items from their licensed offices in order to save them from purchasing fake products.

He disclosed that, their legal team in Tokyo would introduce a smart way to help fight the menace in the sub-region.

“We understand that sometimes they pay money which is sometimes higher than the price for the original ones before they realise they’ve bought a fake product.

“So we’re working with our team to stop this thing, and I think the best way is to engage our customers, to know the real thing on the ground, and to show them the benefits of getting an original product,” he said.

As part of their initiative to support Africa, Mr Varghese indicated that they would invest an amount of US$ 20,000 to support education on the continent.

According to him, it is necessary for them to invest in the market in which they operate in, hence the investment.

“We’re not only interested in selling our products; we’re also interested in the development of the market in which we are operating in.

“We’re still working with other agencies to know how to allocate the resources and make it a successful programme,” he added.

Touching on the ‘Go Africa’ project, Mr Varghese explained that the project is aimed at developing their products and widening the market base.

He added that it would help them to also connect with their customers in Africa in order to know how best they can improve their product.

“The project is simply opening up the market in Africa and help address some of their issues about our product,” he stated.