leakages and slippages

Leakages and Slippages at the ports

Following a report made by the Nominee for the office of the special prosecutor Martin Amidu, leakages and slippage are prevalent in our public institutions especially the ports.

In Government’s quest to make the country corruption free, the Nominee for the office of the special prosecutor, Martin Amidu said ‘’I want to be able to set up a credible institution with a credible culture. If I am able to do that to prevent slippage and leakages, we won’t need foreign aid’’.

Critically analysing this statement made by the Nominee, corruption has eaten into our economy and the ordinary Ghanaian suffers the penalty for the actions caused by some of these corrupt officials.

Speaking to a Ghanaian who travelled to Saudi Arabia has her goods worth GH₵ 500.00 kept at the port but was required to pay an amount of GH₵ 1000.00 to claim her goods. Looking at this, any rational business personnel would just forget about the goods but then corruption finds its way into this because the abandoned goods would eventually be sold to another client and the money shared by the unknown.

Quoting directly, the nominee further elaborated that the amount of leakages at the port alone has affected the country greatly and should be blocked. Transparency and accountability is a very necessary tool for the country to become self-reliant when its resources are used to develop the economy.

Some Ghanaians, however, applauded the Nominee, Martin Amidu when he emphatically said that according to him, a strong public institution coupled with curbing corrupt practices at public places will go a long way to breed a credible institution.

Therefore, for corruption to be out of our country, the government should make sure that checks and balances are effectively enforced or implemented in our government institutions.