mtn banking licence


The Chief Executive Officer of MTN Ghana, Modupe Kadiri has said huge capital investments need to be made to satisfy customer’s high level of selectivity and sophistication.

This was publicly said at a consortium of 9 banks which was arranged by Ecobank GH and Ecobank Capital to boost capital expenditure ( CapEx) and enable a delivery of a bold new digital world.

Mr Kadiri said at the meeting that about 4,000 people directly and over one million indirectly phone card distributors, communication centre operators, internet cafés, advertising agencies, suppliers, contractors are employed by the mobile industry.

This clearly shows how MTN has reduced the rate of unemployment in the country and its no surprise how successful their business has been in Ghana and the financial health benefits enjoyed by the company.

  • Despite that there is unemployment, a respectable company such as MTN is working earnestly to offer the youth with jobs aside widening their scope.