Obuasi Mine

Obuasi Mine To Be Reestablished- Anglo Gold Ashanti

After the suspension of Anglo Gold Ashanti at the Obuasi mine since 2014, the mining giant has alerted operations would soon begin after reaching an agreement with the government to reestablish the Goldmine.

The mine was suspended as a result of a drastic fall in gold prices and the great loss led to the retrenchment, leading to the mine in limited operating phase following reports from 2014

A hint of the mine’s resumption was as a result of the General Manager of Anglo Gold Ashanti speaking publicly that, ” the redevelopment of the Obuasi mine will establish Obuasi as a world-class operation. Let me say that, we have melted the various stakeholders and we have the mine and labour plan, geological understanding and social model to match its world-class, high-grade ore body. It is good news for Ghana”

However, revisiting the issue of the ban on small-scale miners, the Minister of Lands and Natural Resource, John Peter explained that the ban on small-scale mining is still pending because results emerging from the clampdown on illegal miners is not encouraging.

Early on, President Akufo- Addo disclosed that small-scale miners will be vetted and strictly monitored by the government but as at now the ban has still not yet been lifted off. This has led to the miners giving dire consequences attached to the extension of the ban by government should it be extended again.

Looking at the promises made by Anglo Gold to develop the mining operation in Obuasi to its natural state and the terms of agreement which includes a development agreement, a tax concession agreement, a security agreement and a reclamation security agreement while environment impact assessment is completed as well, it is of the public’s view that an agreement should also be made with small-scale miners in order for them to also start operations as soon as possible.

Speaking to some concerned citizens, ideas were raised that the small-scale miners should also be considered and the ban lifted off them but should be keenly supervised so that in the process of curbing illegal practices, it can totally be eliminated just as an agreement is reached with Anglo Gold Ashanti.

Due to the good mining practices of Anglo Gold Ashanti for the past 21 years, Obuasi can boast of reserves of 5.8 million ounces and will hence run at costs lower than Anglo Gold’s current average as its gradually claiming the ladder of success.