Profiles:Meet Gabriel Ofori Yeboah a Business Intelligence Manager | Analyst

Gabriel Ofori Yeboah

Gabriel Ofori Yeboah is a forward-thinking Business Intelligence Manager and Analyst with five (5) years’ professional experience with Dun and Bradstreet Credit Bureau (Ghana).

He is highly effective at working with data, company profiling, business analysis, market insights lead and forecasting techniques associated with managing a business.

He is a member of a working group set up by IFC, World Bank and the Ministry of Trade and Industry (Ghana) on the Project “World Bank Countries rankings – “Getting Credit Indicator” for doing business in Ghana.”

Gabriel has provided consulting, strategy development, project planning and management, business process and workflow evaluation and implementation to businesses both in Ghana and UK for over 6 years.

He has helped over twenty (20) businesses to grow their profits by decreasing costs and increasing revenue with increased Production output by 20% by implementing employee motivation programs and incentives for on-time and accurate performance for businesses.
He is a columnist at B&FT newspapers and Ghana Talk Business with over fifty (50) publications on banking, finance, investments, SME’s business restructuring etc. and authored one book titled “Investment Guide – Forex Trading”.

He is a Radio and TV business resource panellist and has consistently shared objective insights on government policies, public fund management mainly on IMF bailout and its economic impacts, the ease of doing business in Ghana, key performance indicators for business mainly SME’s etc.

Gabriel is currently pursuing his MBA in Accounting & Taxation option at Ghana Institute of Management and Public Administration (GIMPA).

Gabriel holds SAT certificate from CollegeBoard, a degree in BSC Banking and finance from the University of Professional Studies (Accra) and End of level IV term 2- Banking and Finance certificate from Peregrine Academic Services (Global Educational Support), USA.


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