The Famous Fiber Optics Inventor and Nanotechnology Expert Dr. Thomas Mensah has said Adisadel and Ghanaian Citizens should exhibit ‘the Can Do Spirit’ to meet any Challenge of today and in the future.

Dr Mensah said this when he was invited as the guest speaker at his Alma Mater (Adisadel College) on their Speech Day which took place on  March 12, 2018,  in Cape Coast.

Speaking at the occasion, he explained that “This Can Do spirit exhibited by Astronauts, and Great Achievers in many fields of endeavours in the world, is taught at Adisadel for graduates to excel in all major disciplines; including Science, Engineering, Law, Medicine, Government, Languages and Liberal Arts”.

He cited his own life as an example, of being one of the four Fiber Optic Inventors that created the platform that make the modern global internet and cell phone transmission work. He added that as Technology leaders like Bill Gates of Microsoft wanted a computer in every home.

Dr Mensah whose vision is to have every home accessible to the Internet globally stated emphatically that over one Billion People in the world have access to the Internet enabled by some of his inventions including Ultra High Strength Optical Fibers used in Submarine Cables. Over 90 % of Google Data and 90% of Facebook Data including Emails, Pictures and YouTube Videos are transmitted over the Submarine Cable. The Can Do Spirit from Adisadel, as stated in its Motto (Either the First or with the First, Vel Primus Velcum Primus) must be used as the internal moral compass and determination to guide all future endeavours by graduates of Adisadel College.

At the event

On The Adisadel Podium and Dais  were  Adisadel Luminaries and Leaders, including Anglican Bishop Rt. Reverend Victor Reginald Atta- Baffoe, Chairman of the Board of Adisadel, Dr. Thomas Mensah Fiber Optics Inventor , Kojo Yanka, President of Adisadel Old Boys Association, Mr William Kusi-Yeboah, Head Master, Central Regional Minster Kwamena Dankan. Exceptional students were awarded prizes in various subjects,

Also the Matchbox- House, residence for Adisadel Teachers was commissioned and Dr.Mensah   helped cut the ribbon and unveiled a special plaque with his Name and the names of the Class of 93 year group who were organizers of the Speech Day after a short prayer and dedication by Bishop Reginald Atta-Baffoe.

As the author of 4 Books on Innovation namely, Fiber Optics Engineering 1997, Superconductor Engineering 1992, His Autobiography –The Right Stuff Comes in Black Too, 2013, and the International Text Book -Nanotechnology Commercialization and holder of 7 Patents awarded in six the span of years on Fiber Optics alone, He felt the need to implore the Ghana Government to Develop High Speed trains linking  Southern Ghana to the North close to the Border to bring industrialization, Jobs  and Technological  advancements  to Ghana.

He joined his fellow year Group at a special reception the Friday before the Speech Day Event where they reminisce of old days almost 50 years ago, Dr Mensah wanted to see his Dormitory, and his Dormitory Bunker Bed, where Seniors slept below and younger students take the top Bed and was lucky to have a young student volunteer to lead him to Knight House. This student selected at random was the son of Mr. Ameayaw Kumfi,that Dr. Mensah knows very well. He took a photo infront of Knight House and proceeded to visit the College Dining Hall where as Entertainment Prefect he gave announcements during meals. Before he left he took pictures with the Students.

Dr Thomas Mensah has committed to develop a Multimedia Laboratory for Adisadel College equipped with new equipment including Computers and Virtual Reality Goggles etc for studies in Artificial Intelligence (AI), Virtual and Augmented Reality.