Dext Technology invents Science set

Dext Technology LTD, a Ghanaian Tech Startup company committed to innovating solutions to pertinent challenges in Ghana and beyond is the innovator and producer of the new Science set.

The Science set, according to the manufacturers, were made to encourage the learning of science enjoyable even outside the laboratory.

They added that,“This set was innovated to make students enjoy Science more and appreciate the practical nature of the subject. Students will also be able to demonstrate principles and gain a deeper understanding of basic science concepts”.

The Science set is said to be a syllabus compliant, portable, highly scalable, affordable science laboratory designed to fit in the bags and on the desks of students and it comes with 45 individual component and materials.

The Set also comes with a manual which gives you a step by step guide to performing all of the experiments possible with the set.

Experiments you can perform with the science set include:

  • Making electromagnets,
  • Visualizing magnetic lines of force,
  • Visualizing rays and beams,
  • Rectilinear propagation of light,
  • Demonstrating the laws of reflection,
  • Demonstrating the function of Resistors,
  • Capacitors, Diodes and Switches,
  • Simple transistor circuits,
  • Building a security alarm.
  • Building an automatic night light

And 13 other experiments from class 2 to JHS 3.

The Science set has the following contents

Electromagnetism Compartment


Metal core

Iron fillings

Electrical Circuit Compartment

33 ohm Resistors

330 ohm resistor

1kilo ohm resistor

10kilo ohm resistor

100nf ceramic capacitor

100uf electrolytic capacitor

NPN transistor

PNP transistor


LEDs (white, orange, blue, green, red)

Light dependent resistor


A pair of battery holder

A pair of batteries

10 Connecting wires

Light Compartment

Multiple slit beam splitters

Single slit beam splitter

Light stand

A comprehensive manual