Araba Sey

Make God a priority in your endeavours– Araba Sey

Araba Sey, Model and Career coach

Ghanaian model and graduate from the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST) has advised that the key to opening ones understanding, opportunities, discovering, unlocking potentials and pathway to success is when the individual make God a priority in all their endeavor.

According to the past queen of KNUST, no individual can succeed without making God part of their plans from the scratch. She said “Share your dreams and plans with Him and He will lead you on the right path. Most people who motivate or advice others forget or fail to bring in the God factor. Sometimes at mentoring or talk shows you are coached to do this or do that to help you become successful but they forget to let you know that it all begins with God before anything else”.

In a release copied to us, the model explained that “You may get to the top without having God and relying on your own efforts but there may come a time when something may hit you so hard at the top that will force you to fall so hard. Remember that every successful person has enemies no matter how good you are. Someone may plan your downfall and it could happen. You could also lose everything you have gained in a blink of an eye through a disaster, accident or any means and there God will remind you that you took Him out of your plans.”

She added that, beginning with God will give you a deeper insight or understanding of your purpose or career on treading the right path to your success and destiny and shielding you from those who want to bring you down. Bringing in the ‘The God factor’ will prevent your dreams and purpose from being cut short by unforeseen or unexpected misfortunes and give you strength to overcome frustration and quitting, because God is a full and complete dose of strength garnished with all kinds of positive vibes.

“What is most exciting is that He will help you uncover and discover ideas your abilities and things you wouldn’t have been able to do so by your own means or will. The God Factor is always the beginning to greatness”. She said.

About Araba Sey

Araba Sey is a Fante who lives in Accra and hails from the Central Region. I am a graduate from KNUST with a Bachelor of Arts in Textiles and Fashion Design and a past tertiary queen (Miss KNUST 2016).

She is a fashion and commercial model, Brand and a Fashion Influencer, a Model and Career Coach. She began modeling during school days. She is featured in an advert with Stanbic Bank, Exeter Corned Beef, Bajaaj Motors (Nigeria), Janem Spa and Salon, Super bold magazine (Nigeria),GTP just to mention a few.

Araba has been coaching girls who aspire to be beauty queens and models. She was also nominated from Ghana for the Best African Model at last year’s African Entertainment Legend Awards which is always held in Lagos

She participated in Miss Malaika Ghana 2016 and also won the Most Influential Model of the year at the 2016 Edition of Ghana Tertiary Awards.