Owusua Holdings

#Profiles: Meet the Woman Behind Owusua Holdings

The owner (CEO) of Owusua Holdings is called Efia Owusua Bonsu. She was born in a village called Shama in Kumasi. She holds a Master’s Degree from Florida State University. She is a nurse by profession and manages her own companies.

The Company has twenty-seven (27) offices in Ghana and its unparalleled growth attests to its revolutionary strategic management style, integrity of systems and involvement of rich calibre of consortiums and consultants working around the clock to make Owusua Holdings one of the strongest global brands.

Owusua Holdings has below registered listed companies under her Holdings:

  • OB Microfinance Ghana Limited
  • Owusua Real Estate Ghana limited
  • Owusua Transport Ghana Limited
  • Owusua Farms Ghana Limited
  • PetAnn Hospital
  • PetAnn Montessori School
  • PetAnn Mall
  • The Store Ghana Limited
  • OB Security Ghana Limited

Empowerment & Sustainability

Since the openings of her companies, Efia Owusua Bonsu has been focused on creating an infrastructure that people want to be part of, and that enables them to do their best. That’s what she is passionate about, it is about how do we empower the people, how do we make our people better. With the best people, Owusua Holdings can create lasting relationships with customers, and therefore understand and enable customer strategies. He is working towards a cultural change, in which staff are encouraged and empowered to flourish, mature and grow with the company.

Looking to the future

Efia Owusua Bonsu is working to stay relevant and competitive in Ghana, by embracing modern technologies and digital engagement. It’s about relationships, it’s about integrated supply chain solutions, it’s about the real-time information.

Efia Owusua Bonsu will develop a digital presence that will allow customers to organize transport remotely. It already has a GPS tracking system, so personnel can locate the nearest truck and vehicles available for delivery, provide instantaneous proof of delivery, and also keep an eye on progress updated online.

As a quick response urban transport specialist, Owusua Holdings is ideally placed to cater to this growing demand.

Efia Owusua Bonsu is also working toward a more sustainable future.

Our global strategic alliances and a network of both local and foreign renowned professionals add to our integrity as a preferred brand for you as we reach out to our clients wherever they may be.

Owusua Holdings vision is to utilize the valuable time and energy of their fantastic staff, both in the back office and in the sales force, to provide even better, even more, personal support for their customers.

Efia wants to hold on to the things that customers would miss and let go of things that generate costs without adding value. High productivity is directly reflected in customer value, brand value, and growth, which is why she invest in new digital learning platforms, for example, so employees can get fit for the future.

She systematically looks into what skills staff might need as we go forward, and how the significance of different fields of work might shift because she wants to be able to shape change rather than merely react to it.

Source: Business.com.gh