‘PUSH’ breakfast meeting slated for 23rd

Aspire to inspire Network is looking foward to it’s second edition of their breakfast meeting slated for Saturday 23rd June 2018 at the airport view hotel.
The maiden edition saw speakers like Miss Salomey Davor, Miss Rosemary Konadu and Miss Akosua Ntiriwaa Anti the host with the theme “DARE TO DARE YOURSELF” daring young women to leave their comfort zones to break the glass ceilings.
The maiden edition had participants from the health sector, education, journalism, banking and young entrepreneurs to share their experiences with others to empower them by daring to dream. The event is to raise generational leaders for business and self growth.
The theme for the second edition is “PUSH”and will have renowned South African entrepreneur  Miss Nozuko Mayeza, CEO of Tulsawiz Logistics Ltd  share her topsy turvy journey with participants to prove that everyone can achieve whatever we put our minds to.
Clement Asemnyra will be the second speaker and he’s an award winning fashion designer and he will wow participants on his journey in the fashion industry to motivate each and everyone and to let them know that dreams do come through and we have a surprise guest coming through also.
Register for GHC70 to join us. For further enquirers please call +233543507000
See you there!!