Gold Key to Success


Model United Nations serves as a system which enables students typically play the role of delegates to the United Nations and simulate UN committees as an extra-curricular activity as part of their education.

These activities take place at MUN conferences, which is usually organized by a high school or college MUN club. Model UN can be an activity that provides the avenue for challenges and experiences at the next level for students, thus one can say it nurture participants for the life ahead of them.

Model United Nations gives a ton of diverse experiences to individuals who get involved. These experiences range from aiding students to practice their critical thinking and analytical skills, communication skills with public speaking spearheading the activity, research skills, and leadership skills and most importantly MUN gives students a global perspective. Students will be exposed to historical and current international political issues.

Entrepreneurship, International Relations, Sustainable Development are examples of the topics we engage our participants to discuss. One gets a broader knowledge on such topics since everyone involved in these discussions are from different countries to begin with, cultural, religious and family distinctions thus insights acquired can aid in creating better perspectives of how one perceives the world.

Committee and conference leadership, a fair knowledge of negotiations specifically with other cultures, understanding of global affairs and issues and public speaking are the main benefits that students and other participants who join the MUN family. This family welcomes people from different races, cultures and languages. Taking the leap with Model United Nations gets you a step closer to achieving your goals and aspirations.


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By Charles Anang