The 23RD Ghana International Trade Fair is scheduled to take place at the Trade Fair Centre La Accra from February 28, through to 11th March 2019.

The fair which has it’ s theme ‘Made in Ghana, Globally Accepted,’  has the trade Expo under the auspices of the ministry of Trade and  Industry and partnered by Ministry of Business Development, Ghana Export Promotion Authority, Rural Enterprises Program, GIPC, GICCL, AGI and others.

According to the organisers, “the special theme for the 23RD GITF was chosen to compliment the economic policy effort of the Government. The administration of His Excellency Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo initiated the ten pillars of government’s industrial transformation agenda.

“It is aimed at massive structural transformation of the Ghanaian economy from our dependence on import and aid to value chain addition. One pivotal objective of the 23RD GITF is management’s desire to give credence to SMEs and start-up.”They added that, “the 23RD GITF seeks to offer small, medium and large scale entities in Ghana which are finding it very difficult to gain Global Acceptance and Recognition meet their next business partners and share technology transfer.  Our core mandate, to facilitate trade and industry through the organization of exhibitions and fairs affords us the opportunity to expose our SMEs to the global world pursuant to the government’s industrial transformation agenda through this 23RD Edition.”

The 23RD GITF will admit all product, goods and service from both Ghana and beyond at display. From agro-products, pharmaceutical, manufacturing, clothing and textiles, automobile, tele-communication, mining, IT, Petrochemical, food & beverage. Exhibition will host generalize goods and services showcasing potentials and resources of the Ghanaian SMEs

This year’s edition seeks not only to project businesses but also outlines entertainment programs that will sustain both visitors and family that will visit the fair. And also a proposed seminar to be organized bringing together all stakeholders discussing issues relating to the program’s framework, financing policy and accessing funds under certain program ( Ministry of Business Development)

Prospective exhibitors can register on-line or come to the Marketing department Trade Fair Centre Accra La. For further enquiries call these numbers 0241818658, 0547531934. Email: