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Meet PetroChina the company that beats Apple to 1 trillion Market Cap


Apple claimed the title yesterday, becoming the first U.S. publicly traded company to hit the 12-zero mark. However, you might be surprised to find that Apple is not the first company to achieve this distinction. Even more surprising: You’ve probably never heard of the company that beat it, PetroChina (NYSE:PTR). Petro-who? PetroChina is a state-controlled company in China, and when it went public, it ...

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What you should know about the GN Bank, Premium Bank & Sahel Sahara Bank Merger

GN Premium Sahara Merger

The literature on how M&A impacts value pre- and post-merger or acquisition, is checkered. There is evidence to support the view that M&A in most cases tend not to deliver on the value proposition that was originally intended. The scholarly thought appears to converge on this fact. For instance, Barnoh & Adu-Twumwaah (2015), citing Brealy and Myers (2010), argues that ...

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Peace Hyde discusses entrepreneurship and innovation with Nigerian Senate President

Peace Hyde

In a breakfast meeting in Lagos, Head of Digital Media and Partnerships for Forbes Africa and founder of Aim Higher Africa Peace Hyde, was amongst a handful of influential leaders selected to explore innovative solutions to tackle issues like youth entrepreneurship development, ease of doing business and progressive leadership that fosters a robust education curriculum that not only focuses on ...

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Model United Nations serves as a system which enables students typically play the role of delegates to the United Nations and simulate UN committees as an extra-curricular activity as part of their education. These activities take place at MUN conferences, which is usually organized by a high school or college MUN club. Model UN can be an activity that provides ...

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Personal Finance 101: How to start budgeting


Why budgeting? that’s the thought that comes to mind whenever professionals are paid at the end of the month. Whenever the salary drops in the account, all kinds of expenses come to mind. Sometimes, you always think “after all next month’s salary go happen so why I for plan for the month. I am sure there have been cases where ...

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Pass “Proper Test” before going Digital – BOG

MFI Digital Space

Microfinance companies interested when introducing digital products and services, including agency banking and mobile money, must first meet the central bank’s ‘fit and proper test’ including GH¢2million minimum capital. Head of Payment Systems at the central bank, Dr Settor Amediku, told players in the Microfinance space at the annual general meeting of the Ghana Association of Microfinance Companies (GAMC) that ...

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MyTicketGH makes ticketing easy

Ghana’s enthusiastic efforts of becoming an economy less dependent on cash is gradually becoming feasible with the introduction of e-ticketing platforms like MyTicketGh. MyTicketGH is a digital start-up company which has just been soft launched and introduced Ghana’s first digital solution to acquire a bus ticket in advance and provides e-ticketing solutions to bus operators, airliners and event organizers at ...

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‘PUSH’ breakfast meeting slated for 23rd

Aspire to inspire Network is looking foward to it’s second edition of their breakfast meeting slated for Saturday 23rd June 2018 at the airport view hotel. The maiden edition saw speakers like Miss Salomey Davor, Miss Rosemary Konadu and Miss Akosua Ntiriwaa Anti the host with the theme “DARE TO DARE YOURSELF” daring young women to leave their comfort zones to break ...

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Resonate Ghana limited to inspire start-ups

Resonate Ghana limited is looking forward to their third edition of entrepreneurship and start-ups summit Saturday  on July 14,2018 at the Kama conference center labone junction. This event is to raise innovative driven entrepreneurs for economic growth in Ghana and outside . The theme for this edition is Entrepreneurship and start-ups summit which will host various renowned speakers and experts ...

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Cocoa Prices on the International Market Tumble

Cocoa Prices

Prices of cocoa on the international market have begun to tumble due to investors expectations of an imminent increase in production from top growing countries, Côte d’Ivoire and Ghana. Côte d’Ivoire, which is the world’s largest producer, is projecting a production of about 1.9 million tonnes, while Ghana is hopeful of meeting its 850,000 tonnes target for the season, something ...

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