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What you should know about the GN Bank, Premium Bank & Sahel Sahara Bank Merger

GN Premium Sahara Merger

The literature on how M&A impacts value pre- and post-merger or acquisition, is checkered. There is evidence to support the view that M&A in most cases tend not to deliver on the value proposition that was originally intended. The scholarly thought appears to converge on this fact. For instance, Barnoh & Adu-Twumwaah (2015), citing Brealy and Myers (2010), argues that ...

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Your deposits are safe – GN Bank assures customers

gn bank

Many customers expressed worry after news broke that the bank’s website had been hacked. The GN Bank has allayed the fears of its clients over news that the website of the bank had been hacked. In a statement issued by the bank, it stated that clients do not have to withdraw their savings or close their accounts entirely because the ...

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